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CHAPTER The Present Perfect - ARMENIA

​competition using the present perfect tense. ​With Activity Notes on Page 2 Show this video to your students as a "stand-alone" exercise - or use it as a fun 

BACH_IES FELIPE SOLIS, ESO IES FELIPE SOLIS · 1º G.A / 1º A.F_IES FELIPE SOLIS revision of Tenses: Present and Past Simple and Continuous 2*PERFECT TENSES_ONLINE ACTIVITIES (1): debajo de la explicación MODAL VERBS II: exercises + solutions pdf MODAL PERFECT exercises pdf + solutions

​competition using the present perfect tense. ​With Activity Notes on Page 2 Show this video to your students as a "stand-alone" exercise - or use it as a fun  Tanaya: I supervised others last year in my previous job. Often when we're speaking, we go back and forth between these two tenses. 24 EXERCISES. 1. When I (arrive) home last night, I discovered that Jane (prepare) a beautiful candlelight dinner. 2  ENGLISH - english exercises book 2 eso - date: _____ unit 1 - present simple unit 2 - present continuous – present simple vs present continuous unit 3 – past simple – there was /were unit 4 – past continuous- past simple vs past continuous unit 5 – future will – first conditional … PRESENT PERFECT - 2º ESO ENGLISH 2016-2017 Usamos este tiempo para hablar de acciones que ocurrieron en el pasado pero que están conectadas de alguna forma con el presente pues forman parte de nosotros como experiencias vividas y …

present perfect exercises - present perfect 1. Write sentences or questions with the present perfect. a. she / ever / be / here ? Has she ever been there? b. you / ever buy / books from that bookshop? c. I / not have breakfast / today d. They / never be / to the new shopping centre e. Where / you / be? f. They / just go / to live to Madrid g. John / never fly / before h. WORKSHEETS - carlos10america INGLÉS 1º ESO. Inglés 4º ESO. PET: GRAMMAR, EXERCISES AND MORE. Social Science 3º ESO. Mapa del sitio. Actividad reciente del sitio. Gerund or Infinitive exercises 1.pdf PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE OR CONTINUOUS.pdf present perfect or past simple 2 - Perfect English Grammar Microsoft Word - present perfect or past simple 2.doc Author: Seonaid Created Date: 4/4/2013 11:17:25 AM

g. She hasn't never seen that film. 4º E.S.O.. 2. 2. went. 3. studied, was. 4. left. 5. has been, met. 6. decided. 7. hasn't taken. 8. have already seen. 9. did he phone. 10. gave. PRESENT PERFECT or PAST  1. I. (not / do) the housework yet. 2. They. (study) very hard recently. 3. She  2- She has been a doctor ______ 1998. 3- Nobody has seen her ______ then. 4- They have all been ill ______ last week. 5- Peter went  17 Feb 2011 Activities to print (for both 1º ESO and 2º ESO Bilingual Groups) Here you have interesting activities to Present Perfect Simple ACTIVITIES. 14 Oct 2011 A. Y ENGLISH. 4. ° ESO. Jane Hudson. 2. 3. CD-ROM. A. UDIO CD - Vocabulary exercises expressions; present perfect and past simple.

Here you will find some exercises to practice the different ways to express future tense that we have seen in class. Future Tenses. View more PowerPoint from IES Rosario de Acuña. Will, be going to, present simple and present continuous Will, be going to, present simple or Present Perfect Continuous (1) Present simple (1) Relative

2 UNIT 1 Vocabulary 1 What do Jane and Marian do in their free time? Complete the texts with the activities below. Then look at the pictures and write the name of the correct girl. going dancing • practises the piano • rides a bike • chatting with friends • browses the web Passive Exercise 2 - Perfect English Grammar Passive Exercise 2 Review passive verbs here Download this quiz in PDF here. More passive exercises here. Need more practice? Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. Would you like more practice? Get a new grammar lesson every day, a new listening lesson every week, Simple Past - Present Perfect - Grammar Exercise | English4u Difference between present perfect simple and past tense - grammar exercise. English's cool!: Future Tenses

Read the situations below and write a sentence using the present perfect 2. It is snowing. It began to snow last night. Clara joined an exercise class.

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